Sunday, May 2, 2010

whirling dervishes and such...

Once again, I find myself answering the thread of a friend's posting, though quite by accident.
I spent the morning anticipating the article that was written about Chris and wondering if I would spend my day going to galleries or hiking or just doing a whole lot of nothing. I have decided that despite being alone today I am going to do something!
I have made a list:
1. put a handle on the casserole that is on the studio table
2. water the garden
4. go and DO (walk, hike, look at art, bike, make art)
5. document the day (draw, journal, reflect)

All of these things on the list are of the utmost importance. I started a new journey with my self image yesterday. I have never really thought about how much of an impact the first words you read for the day have on your energy. Today I had the pleasure of being greeted by my friend Matt's blog entry from yesterday. Today is the day. Funny, yesterday I had that exact is the day, I have had it with my self image, my tendency towards self soothing with food, and my propensity towards negative thoughts. I need a change and it needs to be POSITIVE.
First steps:
An acquaintance sent me a negative political statement that was "SO IMPORTANT" for me to listen to. What was it? It was a disrespectful cheap shot at OBAMA, what else. It seems that so much is directed that way. Without bringing my own political thoughts to the roundtable, I made a suggestion to her; CHECK YOUR FACTS before you send me information I MUST KNOW about how the American people are being robbed by the current administration.

Journaling what I eat, planning my strategies, thinking about exercise, studio work, even keeping track of negative thoughts, etc was the approach I was going to take. I decided that lists are not such a bad thing. They may actually help me to succeed at my goals. A season plan of sorts. Eventually, discussion of this plan, by the way, brought a bit of jovial laughter from Pete, who I finally caught up with. As "put that in your book" took shape as a catch-phrase for the day. "That book is going to be friggen HUGE".

We had a wonderful day though. We perused the farmers market in Beacon, tried to get into DIA (there was an event that closed the place), went gallery hopping on Main Street, saw the Tony Moore show, and the VAU show at BAU, and had iced chai, and split a brownie, and resisted the urge to go to POPPY's (only the best burgers and fries on the planet), and sat by the river, and just hung out like we were teenagers again. We watched ships going by, talked about Brannerman Island, discussed the fact that I know a local tattoo artist, how to rid a tool shed of a snake and how to create fabulous tie dyes. I even saw a red punchbuggie with Lisa's Bug on the plate. OK, I am spinning circles...

There was this poem on the wall at the School of Jellyfish that reminded me of how important is was to remember stories especially by sharing them, to take notice of the stories happening around you, to be flexible, to listen, to contemplate, to engage, and to be like a jellyfish, floating along with the flow of life. Most importantly to LOVE and to realize that to do all of what is listed above was in fact love. I wished I had written it down as it was one of the most profound encounters I have had with my feelings in a long time.

I planted a bunch more in my herb garden, bought some marigolds for my tomatoes, some more basil and rosemary too. I took care of the necessary stuff too, like watering. I wish I had enough sun for chilis!

So now what? Well, my studio is still calling, and after dinner I will certainly be headed there to finish up some trimming and handles, make a bracelet, and sketch the thoughts I had come to my head this afternoon before those glazing plans leave and I forget what I wanted to remember.
Its been a great day, and it was just made perfect by the PROPS from my 15 year old son!

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