Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday FAVe FIVE

Well, its Saturday and I am at work gallery sitting for the regional ceramics exhibition that my school hosted (actually I was the one that produced it). I am catching up on reading my blogs this morning, as I once again have students working in that format, but this has become such a great reading habit that I actually miss it when I don't look at the new posts on my blog roll.

As I started to read one of my favorite blogs I saw an opportunity jump out at me that seemed to fit in with my new mantra of staying positive, The Friday FAVE Five, which led me to another interesting blog. I have added myself to the linky.

So here are my week's FAVE Five!

1. I witnessed 19 Seniors pull together one of the most incredibly strong art exhibitions in the history of my school. The exhibition I put together actually got some props, despite the low participation I reported last week. I guess sometimes less is more. One of my students received and honorable mention when the juror came.

2. My son's have made me smile all week, for no particular reason. They just made me feel special. My daughter called to ask me how to take care of cleaning a paintbrush she borrowed from the farmer she is working for, as it was one of his favorite brushes and she wanted to make sure it was well taken care of. I love my kids!

3. I went for an impromptu hike (if you could call it that) with a colleague after viewing an exhibition of photos by our students at the New Canaan Nature Center. The gallery was closed but they let us in anyway and I got to witness them laying a mosaic on the floor. I was so impressed and so inspired by all of it. I then went home, made a pot of Jasmine ICED TEA (I seem to have become an ice tea junkie these days) and spent a glorious hour weeding my own garden.

4. I got a bunch of studio work DONE! YAY! I am once again inspired to work on my assignment of a king's place setting (long story, but I occasionally do this to myself)

5. I went out to dinner with my husband last night, which was a nice ending to a grueling paced week. We are going to visit Hanna today together, now that I am well enough to be around her.

My only regret? Yes I am writing about my week, so I need to put this in. My plans for the weekend originally involved going up to Boston to see some friends and work on some projects I have going. I had planned on staying with Denise, one of my oldest friends. I had one of those task packed weeks where every 15 minutes seemed to be accounted for. When the weight of the work load in MA was lifted on Thursday, I forgot all about my original plans and I forgot to call Denise. I felt like a total idiot this morning when she called to ask me when I was coming up today, especially when I forgot all about the fact that I had originally planned to go up there to begin with. So Denise, the best part about gallery- sitting this morning is that I actually caught up with my calendar. I will see you the 24th of June and sometime again in July.

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Susanne said...

Hello Lisa and welcome to FFF! So glad you decided to jump right in and join us!

The art exhibit sounds like it was wonderful. I love things like that, done by high school students. Some of them are so incredibly talented!

Kids who make us Moms smile when we're having a hard or pressing week are special blessings, that's for sure!

Hope you have a very restful, lovely weekend.