Sunday, December 23, 2012

I had a good talking to at dinner last night the minute I brought up my plans to complete this endurance challenge. I left quite discouraged with the mantra that I was way out of my element, didn't belong in the company of fast runners that do ultras for a life sport and training or not there was no way in hell I could sustain a 4MPH pace for 50 miles despite making it a point to train at that pace, especially if there are hills. While I gathered myself together this morning to get out there and say FTS to anyone who doubts my ability and wrestle with whether or not I have to curtail how often I chose to be in the company of such doubters I honestly asked myself a serious question, am I in or am I out? I am in and to anyone who has the nerve to say I cannot accomplish something I say this is a FREE world and even if May 4th comes along and I only finish a fraction of the event I will know in my heart that I tried, it was for a good cause, and was better for it. SO pardon my French when I say FU! I went out this morning with several goals in mind. Clearing my head of nonsense was one of them, as was sustaining a steady pace for 2 solid hours on varied terrain. Guess what, 8 miles ravenous later I can honestly say I am well on my way up that mountain! It will be ugly at times (see above photo) but I will be persistent.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

day 13 - half way back to a habit

I have been diligent about working out on the schedule I set for myself. I am enjoying the way it feels, remembering the good, even relishing in the sore muscles. I am still excited over this venture yet I am scared too. Accomplishing a 50 mile trek in one day, no matter where it is is a long way to go. I will do this laughing at myself, in spite of myself, and for myself! I was in Lake Placid this past weekend and enjoyed getting back on my long track skates. Its been too long. I have spent this week mostly on my feet. They key I am told is to finish every task with a 5 minute walk. There is a 5 minute passing time between classes, finish each task with a 5 min walk, the miles and time on your feet will add up. Today's agenda? Going for a hike! Tomorrow is intervals. Sat I hope to hit the first leg of the course. (finish every task with a five min walk) Thanks goes to Bob Tysen for the help with great fitting shoes (and the 5 min tip)!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

day 5- procrastination lost!!!

Day 5- I had planned on getting out right after school to go for my first trail walk/run interval set then hitting the weight room. I actually caught myself procrastinating. I eventually won! I managed 5 miles with 30 min of running and a full olympic lift workout. I am a bit sore now but totally pumped!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 3- Work is definitely getting in the way

Day 3- I woke up at 4:30 planning on attempting to get out before my 11 hour work day. I heard the rain and decided that I just wasn't into getting wet until it was time to take a shower so I rolled over for another 45min. I got up, got myself to work, brought my clothes to work out planning on trying to get out the door right at 2:05 so I could get in a 45 min effort prior to my afternoon class. That didn't happen. I finally arrived home around 8PM and yes, thanks to my wonderful husband I managed to get out around 8:30. It was short and sweet 35min or so, but it was not blown off.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 2- inspired by another blog

Day 2: I know I am on a quest that is a long shot, but it has me out there and as my friend Cathy said you never know what tomorrow will bring unless you seek it out. This morning I woke up, pulled on my running clothes, ate a properly sized breakfast (portion control is also part of seeking balance), did some research over coffee (started with trying to find a couch to 50 app- there isn't one). I came across this blog though, that had me excited, especially since I read it wrong and will maintain that what I read is the truth, going from the couch to 50 will be easier than the couch to 26.2. Then again even though I am out of shape I wouldn't exactly call myself a couch potato and there is that fact that I know how to approach training and how to approach the mental side of training. So there you go. I am out the door and hitting the pavement. This morning my goal was to find out just how fast I could walk in the 45 min I gave myself, and how long I could sustain that pace without being more than a step or two above my comfort level. The rule I gave myself was that the pace I chose had to be maintained even if I was climbing or descending for that matter. What I learned 4.3 is the number for 30 min (I lost my focus after that because a friend was walking in the neighborhood at a slower clip and I figured it was better to accompany her as she was just starting out and possibly score more milage than it was to continue on my route and be done in 15min) I walked another 30 min with her then decided after I couldn't regain my pace I would call it a day (I still had to walk home up a monstrous half mile long hill). So there you have it, day 2. Tomorrow presents its own challenge. I have a 7AM-6PM work day with 90 min of commuting. Time to get creative and plan it now. I know if I wait until I get home I will struggle to go out. I also know that being up before 5 is not going to work either. There is the hour between school and when I have to leave for my after-school class that I could spend on the trail? I could also use it as one of my interval days, which means that the overall timeframe can be less. I am thinking...

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 1- trying to figure out why I am so intrigued

I am planning on attempting an ultra challenge in May, so much so that I will fork over the $150. registration fee on Friday. Why am I doing this? Three reasons: 1. My friend Marty gave me an assignment to chase motivation and find balance to be able to return to myself. 2. Its a great cause. I have said many times before that there is something about that ridge that draws me in. It's my connection to things unworldly. This event benefits the preservation of that open space. 3. Kenny and I have been trying to go on a trekking trip that will involve 10-15 miles of hiking a day in an extreme climate (above the circle). This will get me ready to attempt that. So day one, I figure I am already used to 2-3 mile walks in my hilly neighborhood. Today I changed it up a bit trying to go uphill as much as possible. I also tried to maintain a pace of 3.5 miles and hour uphill (faster on the flats). I walked for about an hour with my leggy husband keeping pace. It doesn't sound like much but it's a start. I plan on approaching this as I would any endurance challenge, train 6 days a week, increase 10% a week. It worked in 1999 like a charm when I went from riding 3 miles on my first training ride to 350 miles 4 months later. I can do this! (who knows maybe I will get tot he point of running) What did we see? Walking is interesting. The world slows down tremendously. For the past month whenever we have walked the neighborhood we have witnessed the changes left by SANDY. Each time we have seen something different. What amazes me is how much cleanup is still left 5 weeks later. Today there are still houses with trees resting where a roof once was, massive amounts of logs in yards, twisted wire still laying all over the place, and piles of wood chips everywhere. Guess we won't need to find mulch this spring.