Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why do I do this...? Intrigue I guess

I usually find myself responding to blog posts made by other people and today is no different. Here goes:

It's Random Dozen time.

1. Would you rather host a party or simply attend a party? I am totally the HOST type. I like parties that are comfortable and where I can be assured the guests are comfortable. I like to think that a party at our place includes great food, good libations and a wonderful mix of interesting people.

2. Tell us about the most memorable party you've been to. A birthday party my husband threw for my 39th birthday (because at 40 I would be too old). A really good friend drove 2.5 hours to see me, despite being on his deathbed literally. He totally surprised me, stayed for 10 minutes, and despite almost calling on St. Peter a few weeks later, lived to tell about it! (I still get choked up about it- Love you Chris)

3. What is one thing you hope for in the after-life? I really would like to know if I am the reincarnation of an artist that plagues me with a love/hate relationship (Pablo himself) Before you comment on this, and LAUGH uncontrollably... think about it for a minute. I am a poor, virtually unknown, woman artist who is married with four children and a monogamous relationship. I also spend my life teaching so much that studio time is a premium, not a given and that search to retain child like work hits me like reading 100's of essays hits an English teacher. "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up" (Picasso)

4. What do you enjoy most about sunshine? Dancing LIGHT shows everywhere!

5. When you attend a bridal/baby shower, do you prefer to bring your own gift or chip in with others to buy a larger gift? It depends on who is chipping in and who the shower is for. If its a high stakes game, I'd rather chip in. If its about the company, then definitely go it alone.

6. Would you rather have a FREE week of having your house cleaned or all of your meals cooked for you and your family? Can't I have both????PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE!!!

7. What song describes your mood today? Borderline (OK know its hokey, but I heard it while grocery shopping and wallowing in my hormonal thoughts)

8. What is something you received for your own bridal shower/wedding that you still own or use? (If you are not married, feel free to sub a gift you received a long time ago.) I tend to cherish things, so YES I have a few things from my shower (23 years ago) and my favorite wedding gift ( A Randy Paige Lewis clock- I am pretty sure that my friend/roommate Linda gave it to me but could not attend our wedding because she was working on a high pressure hamburger commercial for BBD&O with 276 takes on applying ketchup)

9. Your favorite flavor of ice cream is? I love coffee and chocolate (specifically, Black Chocolate Velvet from Breyers- 110 calories, 13g of sugar per 1/2 cup serving)

10. When was the last time you felt "tested?" 30 seconds ago...and then 30 seconds before that.

11. "[Fill in the blank] is a food that once I start eating I find really hard to stop." cheese and crackers, hummus, salad...

12. "-----" is the best motivation. Rejection.

Now, I want to tell you that the last time I answered something like this it turned into a whole year's worth of studio time when the post was passed along. I have too much going on in my studio right now to even contemplate anything remotely like that at this time but you never know.

On another note: An interesting article I read today can be found here

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