Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ode to...

I had a great day at school today. That is all I need to say other than the last 2 hours, after school was out with a small group of kids making mugs for the Cup of MUD raffle was about as good as it comes.
I read from the book I mentioned yesterday, How to Be an Explorer of the World (Smith, 2008) as we worked and one of them shared a book of poetry, which I admit I am often not fond of, mostly because of the level of focus required. Hmm thats funny, I absolutely loved this book. It reminded me of my friend Rod, and dragonfly's, and sharing stories, and dreams, and metaphors. I need to reach out to him and Lise really soon. I miss them. I think about the altered book I created, from a simple e-mail asking me to divulge stuff about me and that one message that I read and took to heart prior to answering sparked a conversation that lasted months.

Now for a excerpt from GROOKS (Hein, 1966)

Living Is: Living is
a thing you do
now or never-
which you do?


A Moment's Thought

As Eternity
Is reckoned
there's a lifetime
in a second.

As I sat there discussing the heart behind being a maker with students who are just learning what that means, my life as an artist reached new meaning. I came home knowing that I needed to once again focus on balance. Breathing more energy into my thoughts on ownership of self and balancing indulgence with discipline. Yes Jon, I am headed out to RIDE MY BIKE HARD as you asked, and tomorrow, I am riding home after a very long day (because that is the only choice I will have to get home). My LIST TODAY:

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