MOSAIC notes

My Voice Equals Art (Mosaic) is a blog I started a number of years ago to have a place to discuss art. I very rarely update it because of the lack of time on my part. With that said, I decided to  create a page dedicated to just that on the blog I am always working with, this way, I can post my finds more readily. I will occasionally reserve the right to post to the blog instead, in which case I will post the link here.

With that said, its time to get into the spirit of the season, with a little something that I think is a wonderfully done clay-mation piece of one of the BEAT poets work.  I know the subject matter is purely controversial, but just like Alice's Restaurant  it is a classic. Its in four parts on you-tube: A Junkies Christmas  by William S Burroughs. I think my fascination with the Beatnik's began during my semester at SUNY Purchase in 1986. I was enrolled in a Contemporary Arts class and we took a look at everything from music to literature and related it to the art we were encountering. It was the first time I had really learned how to look at art. I remember having to read Naked Lunch while we looked at the work of Kandinsky. I remember wondering what the Beat writers would talk about when they talked about the art they viewed. What was it like to be in on one of those coffee house encounters in the village? Some of my father's war stories/objections started to make a great deal of sense.

I posted this article: Is it only ART?