Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Acts of...

So I thought about this work I am doing on myself. I did pretty well today, though the day is not yet over so cross my fingers (Oh where is that damn book). Anyway, I was discussing these theories of ownership that I have with just about anyone who would listen.

I went on a coffee and oatmeal run after school. I love these. The coffee helps me relax and the oatmeal keeps me from bingeing after school. I spent some of this time perusing the book How to be an Explorer of the World (Smith, 2008) trying to figure out what my next design assignment will be for my students as I waited for KD. When he arrived he tells me about a fight with a neighbor over a newly installed fence, my suggestion, a good will offering of a flat of flowers for the new privacy screen they received free of charge. (Did I really say that?). In anycase, I really enjoyed that time today. I sat an people watched for a bit, particularly this Minister (female). I am always curious. I think its my Catholic upbringing mixed with my mom's clergy status. She was reading, pretty intensely, and surprisingly similar material that I would find in my mom's possession at any given time. Yet there was stuff about her that my mom would never pull off. The jeans with the collar, not professional enough. The collar in public outside the workday, no way. It was curious to me.

Today's list:
Take a walk
Notice the stories going on around me.
Interact with my environment on a different level.
Be flexible

I went for a walk with my friend Roseanne today as well. We have been trying to do this regularly. She is recovering from ovarian cancer and so our outings are more at a look at and listen to the world pace than anything else. I snapped two pictures, one of purple loosetrife and one of white loosestrife. They were right next to each other in the swampy area next to the road, they almost looked planted by someone but they were in this patch of skunk cabbage. It got me thinking about invasive organisms and how sometimes things are not as they seem. Which reminds me, I had planned on riding the Pan Mass Challenge this summer in Roseanne's honor but my exhibition in Korea will have me out of the country. I have decided however to do this ride virtually this time as a member of Team Kermit. Next year, I hope both of us are on the bike.

I sit here thinking about Anna. I was describing her desire to be a farmer to my students, who seemed to think that this was hysterical and yet intriguing. Anna is a true lover of life, and the world. She is a sweet soul who has so much joy in her heart and love to offer the planet. A vegetarian that is into sustainable living. I chuckle when I think that to her the important news tonight to her father was that she had gotten an A on a paper that she thought she would fail, and to me it was I saved 32 boxes of pencils from sudden death (trash) even though I don't need them, could I use them at school? Of course I will oblige Anna and send them on to a colleague's daughter who is a teacher in a poor district who would otherwise have to buy her students pencils out of her pocket despite not making enough to support her own life.

I ate a serving size (1/2 cup) of the most decadent chocolate ice cream for desert and enjoyed every bite and almost felt guilty about it. Yet, when I look at the nutritional facts, wonder if I am needing my glasses.

So in a nutshell, forgive yourself, love life and be in the moment! Life is certainly interesting and engaging!

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