Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pollepel Island -AKA Bannerman Island Arsenal

I saw this article on Yahoo that reminded me of gallery hoping with Pete a few weeks ago when he told me about his excursion out to Bannerman Castle. I decided that Kenny and I had nothing better to do and seeing that he would NOT be comfortable with the 6 hour kayak trip, regardless of HOW great the lunch was, I decided to sign us up for the 3 hour land-lovers tour. This morning, armed with a camera, hydro pack, and all of the suggested essentials we headed towards the dock in Beacon. The weather looked iffy, but it held, even got hot.

When I heard the whole story of Bannerman Castle I immediately had the thought "A salesman is a salesman, its in his blood". It seems like this weapons dealer, Bannerman, was linked to many historical events ancestrally. I was stuck at how much this reminded me of another mansion built at the same time, Clingstone, in the middle of Newport Harbor. What was funny is that they say Bannerman Island is HAUNTED and I never got that sense. Clingstone on the other hand, when Chris and Anthony rented it for the weekend and we all went out there to hang out, I was spooked beyond belief, though equally intrigued.

All in all though it was very interesting and a wonderful day! NOW for that glass of wine!
More adventures tomorrow.
What did we do afterwards? Well, we were in Beacon so of course it we had to indulge in POPPY's for burgers and fries.

Link of interest : NY Times Opinion

On a side note: Chris is applying to do a independent study of the Revolutionary War battles routes in our local. He plans on using his bike to document the historical markers and buildings. He will have to include this island. MAYBE then we can arrive under our own power...hint, hint, hint...I want to paddle it!

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