Monday, May 31, 2010

A new day dawning...

For the past 2 months I have been thinking in my ART brain and exercise, while I know I have to do it, was the last thing on my mind. Everything has been about the STUDIO TIME and the wood fire, and the getting my act together for my travels. I felt like I was going to have NO summer and no time to train to do Tt with Jon each week or even swim with Amy in Desolation. I had done it once again, scheduled my down time away.

For the past few days, this pit has been growing in my stomach. I have been a bit uneasy about my travel plans, mostly because the amount of details that I expect are not being disclosed. I am all for flying by the seat of my pants, which is how I spend most of my life, BUT in this case I can't seem to throw caution to the wind. I am thinking its because the cultures are so different, and the language barrier is far greater than Europe. I'm seem to be sitting on this really SPIKEY fence here knowing that I have to buy my flights soon or not be able to afford them.

My gut is telling me to listen to Steve and Tyler and the two of them have been invaluable with advice and a fair amount of investigative work beyond what I could do myself. So for now, and I say this as choked up as I could possibly be, my trip to Asia is on hold until I know more. What gets me about this is that I spent 8 months training to ride across country. I switched my focus and now I am feeling like I can't do either. I am a bit annoyed with myself to say the least. Ah, life is too short to worry about these minor details (brushing off the dirt, basking in the MUD facial). There is always all the time I will be spending in MAINE this summer (most of July)!

What does this mean? I woke up this morning with my legs itching to get on my bike. My art brain is being turned down a notch. I basically call it the "F&*K it all I am going for a ride" syndrome. Right after I finish carving those dinner plates!

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