Sunday, May 23, 2010

setting goals for myself - Sunday seems perfect for that!

This morning I commented on my friend Matt's blog and I got to thinking about the advice I had given him regarding being his own worst enemy. I often find myself in his place. I told him that he needed to think about finding an event to train for, it would give him a tangible goal that was not related to his psyche. Actually, it would make working out have a purpose other than health and less likely to create an internal battle. SO why am I talking about this? I am trying to take my own advice.
I joined in a few challenges with weight-watchers, yes, I have been trying to follow the plan, and have finally made the decision to be a lot more diligent. I got out and rode today on Anna's mountain bike. I weeded the garden. I cut down branches that were blocking trees. Identified a plant that seems to invaded the rock wall (Virginia Creeper). I connected with a friend in Virginia. I threw a few plates, finished carving a covered casserole and made two bracelets out of old inner tubes. I even did the dreaded inbox clean-out of my email account. Yet, even after feeling really productive, I somehow feel like I sat on the couch a great deal. Weird.

This week my goals are:
1. keeping track of my daily intake
2. exercising 50-60 minutes a day
3. working 1-2 hours a day in the studio
4. being positive and relaxed
5. enjoying the week with my students (no stress - it is what it is!)

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