Friday, May 28, 2010


I just returned home from school and its been a grueling week. The Insomniac has nothing on me, except for the ability to hold liquor and get away with being obnoxiously rude. I have basically spent my week awake, not sure why, but its been unbelievably tough. Did I really do this in college?

Kenny and I are headed out on several excursions this weekend. I will also try to catch up on many things, exercise, sleep, the garden, housework, studio stuff, and with Trish and maybe even Pete?

Here are this weeks FIVE: (Which right now is like pulling teeth to entice the toothfairy)
1. I made it through the week without having a coronary or a stroke - I was really extremely high strung which I am attributing to lack of sleep
2. I finally have succeeded in getting my kids to do their own dishes by leaving them a note from the LGM (I guess the little green man has more appeal than I do)
3. I managed to pull of the field trip to Waveny Park to work from observation despite not having a visiting artist and my students thought it was the BEST field trip ever! It also changed their perspective on working for 3 hours straight.
4. I talked to a few amazingly good friends this week and heard some great news from ONE! (Alison, see I can make a list- though it makes me feel like I am 105 instead of 45)
5. I went out after school with Trish to Madona for their $5. bar menu

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