Sunday, May 30, 2010

I want to believe in people....

I am about to embark on making a big purchase but I have this pit in my stomach as I feel like I am doing it blindly. Three grand is a lot of money to spend on something? Its funny that I even ask that as a question, I feel like it should be a statement. Three grand is an awful lot to spend on myself when I have four kids in tow and a few of them racking up college expenses.

So when I am asked to blow 3K on travel I am wondering if I should expect certain things, like, should I expect a basic itinerary or at least contact with the organizer? Is this a rhetorical question or an actual expectation? I want to trust in people, but in this case my gut is grumbling and I am unsure of what to do.

American culture would expect these basic things but what about other cultures? Is one's word enough? Should I invest the 3K on word alone? Should I wait for answers? Airfares are going up by as much as 40% on Tuesday... what would you do?

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