Monday, May 10, 2010

Walk, no RUNNING with Kermit

For the past few weeks I have been glued to the HBO series
Treme. I think it was my love for that city and the heartache over Katrina that peaked my interest in the series. What my one hour of TV a week has done for me was rekindle my interest in Jazz (New Orleans brass bands). Today I realized that this could actually have a huge benefit to my health. I set out for a walk and ended up running most of my route, just because Kermit Ruffins has me excited
I walked/ran 4 miles before I was done and I had only planned on being out for a 30 minute walk. I was out 40 at a much more intense pace instead.

What I really wanted to write about though was my Mother's Day weekend. It started off with a late lunch with Anna and Lovey at Barcelona in Fairfield. The company was fantastic. The food was great. The waiter was too much of a salesperson. Lovey was too much, showing up with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to kick off the Mothers Day celebration.
After lunch, Anna and I hit the farm stand across the street. More herbs and vegetables for the garden. I am starting to feel like we have planted a farm.
Saturday morning I headed up to Saratoga to spend the day with my mom and to attend her concert. I had planned on riding when I got there, prior to her performance, but the weather did not want to cooperate. I went out for a walk instead, in the 30 minutes between storms. My mom sings with the Burnt Hills Oratorio! Society. They performed Bach's Mass in B Minor at the Corpus Christi Church in Clifton Park. Of course I spent my night sketching. I was a bit embarrassed as I realized I sat too close (2nd Row). everyone realized that I was sketching, even the choir and the orchestra. My mom had knew, she saw my pen flying across the page. I had taken the precaution of copying part of the score so that I could look as if I was making score notes. HAH, that thought was funny! The guy sitting next to me was craning his neck to see me, and the french horn player noticed as did a violinist, and the Alto soloist. I slowed my progress so that I didn't distract the artists. PROBLEM IS that once I stop drawing, I start fidgeting and yawning. The concert was wonderful, but ran very late. I had planned on hooking up with Alison and Rich for a beer after, but I was beat from concentrating so hard on the music. We went home instead.
I was out the door by 8:15 AM yesterday. I had to catch the 11:24 train with Chris. We were meeting Harriet in city. Chris wanted to take us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for Mother's Day. The Picasso exhibit was top on my list as was the Bamboo on the Roof. As we got off the subway we were treated to Accapella Soul
which stopped us in our tracks long enough to listen. Of course my phone crapped out so the video I took never materialized as a file.
In any case the museum was mobbed, you would have thought they were giving the art away or something. We went right to the Picasso exhibit, then the instrument gallery, then the visible storage, then the Temple of Dendur, the BIG BAMBOO, and finally the American Woman exhibit. We were so exhausted that we took a cab back to Riverdale instead of the bus. We met Kenny, Anna and Justin for dinner at Nono Tony's. Mother's Day was as relaxing and exciting as it was hectic. I enjoyed it immensely and would willingly put into one of my top ten.
It was hard to get back to work this week. It will be a hectic week, lots of stuff going on. The MUD exhibit gets installed as does the senior exhibits. With that said, I am off to bed (with Kermit playing in my head).

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