Friday, June 4, 2010

Water on a tile floor in a school hallway = A unique version of the slip and slide

All was going well today with teaching. I was really looking forward to my painting class too as I went to Jerry's afterschool yesterday and bought some things for my trip to Korea (yes I am going). I was anxious to try them out. I have this plan to experiment with some materials prior to leaving and then selecting those things that will work well. In anycase I was armed with journal, some watercolors, some ink pencils and water soluble pastels. All of these items were placed in a 2.5 gallon pail with some water, some toilet tissue, and extra supplies for my students. We were headed out to the school's art gallery to paint. I was a bit behind my students as I had a few stragglers in the classroom. On my way down the hall I rounded the corner and slipped in some water and did a really nice reenactment of a Short Track fall into the boards (belly across the ice kind of thing). The hall turned into a slip and slide and I managed to mop up everything into my crochet shirt. I also managed to make my left leg feel the way it does when you are skating on natural ice and catch a fissure and fall with your body going in ten different directions at once and your knee taking the brunt of the fall. The only difference here was that I didn't have the endorphins from exercise to help me out. So now, I am sitting on the couch icing things after what proved to be a very long afternoon in the orthopedic's office. Nothing broken, nothing torn, JUST a BADLY BRUISED knee and hip (I haven't seen a hematoma like that under my kneecap since I got clipped by a skate in the Portland marathon five years ago). I am sure my hamstring is going to feel just great tomorrow. Oh well, as Lovey would say, thats what scotch is for...
Its been an interesting afternoon. I found out that my orthopedic has left the practice and is working for MSF and while I think he finally got the guts to go for something he has dreamed about for years (we used to have conversations about my adventures and I could see it in his eyes - there was a longing to fill a charitable void- especially when MSF came up), I was a bit heartbroken at the fact that I now had a new doctor after 23 years that I didn't choose and who might treat me as a fat chick who just needs to get off her ass and exercise. I was pleasantly surprised, turns out the new guy has a similar temperament, some research has let me know that he studied under many of the same people as my former doctor and worked with him for the past 25 years. With that said...I know I will be fine. Now I just wish I could send that go for it card with my annual donation to MSF!

Saratoga this weekend: We are off to SPAC to see DMB tomorrow night with my brother and sister-in-law. I am hoping that these bruises will not make me too uncomfortable. We were planning a ride on Sunday with Kelly, and there again, I am hoping that the best thing for bruising (movement) doesn't cause me distress. Playing it by ear I guess (maybe a swim will help). In any case a trip to the JONESVILLE store on Sunday for brunch might be in order

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