Friday, November 26, 2010


I got a new pair of Asics from my mom for my upcoming birthday. I decided that if I was going to ask for a new pair of running shoes that I was going to use them well. This morning, as soon as my feet hit the floor I was getting into my running gear, grabbed my phone, streamed my favorite radio station, and off I went on my 3 mile route, albeit slowly, but I was out.
I was amazed at how much wildlife I was viewing at 8AM. It seemed a bit late for all this activity, but maybe the overcast nature of the day extended the dawn for these creatures. The most interesting spotting was this red tail hawk. She was HUGE, fat enough to look like she just ate an animal her size. When I first spotted her she was sitting in a tree at the end of my property. The next thing I know I was being followed at by a huge rapture at a very low altitude. Was this bird trying to tell me something? Was I road kill after only .5 miles? I stopped and tried to snap a picture of this beautiful creature, but she was very elusive and flew into the woods and off on another adventure.
I continued on. I caught something moving in the corner of my eye. I looked into the thicket and spotted a coyote sniffing out something in that particular pile of sticks. At first I thought it was someone's dog that had gotten loose, then I realized that the coloring and scrawniness beckoned a closer look. I was in awe, two great sights on this initial endeavor. Am I being beckoned to do this regularly by the environment?
The rest of my route was only graced by the occasional squirrel and grazing deer but even those seemed a bit magical. I was so happy to be out. I was focused on my goal of competing in a few weeks in Lake Placid and then again in Lake Morey. I am planning on at least those two marathons weekends this year, with Lk Morey being the 2 championship events, 25K and 50K. One of the skaters I work with has decided to try her first marathon, I want her to show her that marathon skating is so rewarding so I will skate with her for the 25K. I know she can finish it. I want to show her that she can accomplish more than she thinks and if that means having to get back into shape myself to do so, well so be it.
So I managed a 3 mile route this morning only slightly winded. I am off to Hartford for some ice.
More later!

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