Monday, November 15, 2010


A few years ago while working at the kiln I had a dream about boiling seas and dead potters, it was quite disconcerting and happened to be the same night that Steve encountered spirit like things in the coop. It was a strange firing for me, but one that produced a few nice pieces. Last night I had another one of those nights, I was swimming in the New Bedford Harbor near the hurricane dyke and was swept out to sea by a massive tidal wave. I was held under for what seemed to be forever and popped up gasping for air and with the shoreline out of sight. Interesting thing though, I actually felt like I knew which way to swim. I woke up at that point and so I am not sure if I made it out of my perfect storm? I think I did.

The day at the kiln was filled with its usual antics. Steve and Joe goofing on each other and then on Chris. Chris firing a shot back at them once in awhile even though he was watching the pyrometer and the back pressure intently. They even took a few shots at me while I was trying not to talk to much. Silence had evolved into this project of sorts. I was again trying to focus on the rythym of the kiln by listening. It was hot in the kiln shed, but much more bearable than it has been in past firings. I think the breeze of the cold water helped. We were stoking the kiln with a combination of pine and floor boards from an old factory in New Bedford. Come to think of it, the last time I had that dead potter dream was the firing where I pulled thousands of nails out of floorboards from  the fairhaven mills so that we could stoke with them. The wood we used today was so resinous that it ignited on contact with the flames creating this long trail coming out of the side of the kiln. Is there a connection?

An old friend (Tim) showed up to watch a few stokes and was amazed at the enormity of the process. He even got to witness us salting the kiln. I think we left him speechless? Speaking of ghosts, as I left the area yesterday I decided to go look at the ghost of the Lincoln Park rollercoaster and take pictures of it. I have this idea for some new work.
By the way Steve was featured in the NYT this weekend, check it out.

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