Sunday, November 7, 2010

OK now for the philosophical stuff

I woke this morning listening to a podcast of The Story and there was this discussion with a banjo player about his brush with Pete Seeger, and how he became a mentor to him. I immediately start thinking about my work, and how many people have had a positive influence on me as an artist. Maureen Mills has talked about the need for practice, I agree whole heartedly that practice, and lots of it, breeds results. Its the discipline to do it that is so hard to stick with. This is where loosing focus is like getting bored, its easy to do and hard to break through, even when its something that you are truly passionate about. This morning I was thinking about my own practice, Arnie mentioned a few nights ago that I seem to live three lives at once, Maureen has told me time and time again about how I need to choose one and practice it, and be OK with that decision. (This is not the only person to have told me that in my life by the way; Nana, MeMe, Mom, Dad, Kurt Matsdorf, Bob Ebindorf, and Val Cushing...) Being a mom and a teacher is what I seem to practice the most, then comes my artwork and despite wanting my work to get top billing, it cannot, at least not right now, because the other two are more necessary for my survival. Its funny, sometimes I think that my life as an artist is steeped around all the perceptions and ideas that I have rattling around my brain, while that is true, I have come to understand as an educator, that the craft of being a maker is what I really need to spend more time at doing because that is what is going to deliver those ideas to the surface. The teacher in me needs to be a teacher to myself and foster the discipline.

I woke this morning knowing that I have a bunch of work to do. I also awoke this morning knowing that I have a fantastic exhibition despite that in my reach. I am learning, I am practicing, I am creating and I will keep working at it until the 11th hour.
On a side note, for all my hometown friends, Diana Thomas came up at the kiln yesterday. She is in a show at NHIA soon. The group was talking about how she was an artist from Maine. I just had to correct that. Diana, if you are reading this, I wish you the best for your show!

With that bit, I am off to the kiln (not sure when my grades will be done - it will be a late night!)

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