Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My smart phone is making me feel really stupid!

I sit here waiting for the train back to school with my students. We spent the morning at the Clay Art Center in Portchester viewing Arnie Zimmerman's work. While waiting, I decided to to check my email and there was a really sweet happy birthday greeting from Kelly's cousin David and my clumbsy fingers are not well suited for my stupid smart phone so it was inadvertently deleted. To you David, I say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

This was a piece of my day. One thing I have to say about all of my students this year is that they made a HUGE deal about my birthday, as did many of my friends, my phone screaming konichiwa
at me endlessly with texts. My students think this is so funny every time it happens. My friend Mike called out of the blue, and my facebook page was filled with well wishes. Kelly,  remember Kelly? She even dedicated a blog post to me. From the outset it seems like it is a glorious day.

By the end of the day I was re-evaluating my previously waning thoughts about my own faith. You see, all of this support was a cushion for the blow that was to come.  I was about to be told that my son Christopher was being denied entry into the American Cup 2 meet that is taking place in Roseville, MN. His registration was late and  NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED according to the rules. I was devastated. His goal of making Jr Cat 1 this year has now been dissolved instantly, and it was my fault. OK, I know, its only speedskating. Its not the end of the world, but when its your kid's dreams and you railroaded them without intent its crushing!

So, now what? Chris is still off to Roseville, volunteering at the meet instead of skating. Giving back to the sport that he loves so much. I marvel at his strength. I am so upset and he is accepting it and letting it roll. I think he is happy to share the time with his buddies from MN and to watch them skate without feeling the pressure to perform. He can honestly root for them, unbiased by his own need to succeed. Thank you Karen and Chris for putting him up and helping him see some of the colleges the area has to offer too. I have a good amount of post graduate credits from St. Thomas myself.

Its December 1, a day after I started this post, and I am feeling wiped out by the roller coaster of emotions I have had since my discovery of the registration problem on Saturday. I have spent hours on the phone, equal amounts of time on e-mail, and crushing amounts of time scouring rules and by-laws looking for that edge that might be lifted. I have finally resolved to let it go. I have spoken my peace, more eloquently than I really wanted to. I have been impressed by some, sympathized with others,  gotten mad at several and been severely disappointed by a few but in the end I will acknowledge that the LT Regulations, while not perfect, are there to protect the rights of the competitors for the most part. I just wish I didn't feel like they were interpreted in so many different ways by the same people so many times in one season, season after season, so that I could believe in them whole heartedly.

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K Pugliano said...

That stinks! Sounds like Chris is ready to have a good time. I'm sorry all of that went down on your birthday!