Saturday, November 6, 2010

I am not in Kansas anymore, crap!

When I was growing up I had these friends in New Bedford, they were a huge family, eight kids in all. They actually came from NY (at least when I was little) by way of Cape Cod, eventually settling in NB. Denise, Kevin and Sean and I were really close, not necessarily in age, but in spirit, and that bond no matter how old has been hard to break. For instance, I saw Kevin and his wife Cathy for the first time in 20 + years tonight and it was like we had never parted. They were one of my all time favorite couples in HS, maybe it was because they nursed me back to health when I was a really ill run-away (fever and infection) never questioning anything except my health. I also saw Timmy tonight, another blast from my past. I think about how I met him when I was maybe 8 or so. We hit it off then, and despite the 25 plus years absence of contact, hanging out really seemed like I was home again.
What is it about the South Coast? I am so intrigued with this area. I am drawn to it as if there are spirits that mandate my presence. I spoke a few weeks ago about how this area is so haunted, so steeped in the other realm that the air is heavy. Don Henley had it right, Old World shadows hang heavily in Providence but I have come to the conclusion, dead potter dreams aside that its even more so in New Bedford. Sometimes I feel like a refugee here, more so when I was younger, but still I am caught off guard when I am hit with that overwhelming feeling of being HOME when I am here. Denise, Kevin (McKenna), and Tim, this one is for you to jar your memories. If you only knew what that song still means.
So, how did the loading day go? Well after a spectacular night at Arlynn and David's house, I arrived at the kiln to find the air circus like, a wonderfully cold but thrilling day for a loading, no dead potter dreams, no angst, no worries. I surprisingly lost all worry about my work. It was incredible! Not much more to be said. My history with this place this time is the history I left here 25 years ago. By the way, I found my camera!

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