Friday, November 5, 2010


I can't find the bloody camera!!! Now I know that I talked about the philosophical end of this firing and how I was NOT going to be in everyone's face documenting the thing, but honestly, I did want to post at least one or two pictures from my grand adventure here in MA! Oh yeah, if you haven't gathered I am here in Dartmouth, Ma. (next to New Bedford) I am so excited about the work I am putting in to the firing, but at the same time feeling like the work I am putting in is insignificant. I am totally not sure why this is happening. It seemed important while I was creating it. I am disappointed that I don't have more in the line of bigger stuff though. Everything I am firing ( 13 whistles, 23 cups, 7 olive oil bottles, 7 beads, 3 bowls, 2 boxes, 1 teapot and 1 object) is small, really small. I am thinking that the firing fee is just payment for the joy involved with the chance to be a pyro for a few days.

I am pumped, just the same. I am still playing with glazing techniques, but this time, working with the same 5 glazes as the last time, I am happy to say that I have expanded to include resist. So, maybe I will see something new? It has been one hell of a week in that respect. I had my glazing plan all worked out in my head. I knew what I wanted. Yet, somehow, with the end of the quarter being moved so that my grades are due Monday morning at 8 AM I have blasted through my work, heck 13 pieces came out of the bisque kiln this morning. So, I am not sure what I will get (fingers crossed).

This kiln has always held some amount of karma within. Many that know me well have heard about my weird dreams and interesting happenings surrounding firings, Today was no different, My ride up here, riddled with traffic and no one to share the space with except Buddy Guy, BB King and a sandwich until the Rhode Island border, then as I passed exit 3 and thought about Chris, Anthony, Henri, Evelyn, and Helen and that house by the cove, and then my cousin Matt and his life in Narragansett I started to once again think about the history of the place I am going to. Tim and Denise, so essential to my New Bedford experience as a kid have been back in close touch with me. When I hit Rhode Island, my phone rang, it was Arnie. I miss Arnie, I haven't spoken to him in ages. he has an opening tomorrow at the Clay Art Center (6-8 PM- so go) . He wanted to wish me the best for the weekend. Wow, here I was feeling bad I was missing his opening...? All at once the phone rang 9 more times (at once) for a total of 7 more artists and 2 New Bedford friends. A few that I have not spoken to in a few years, completely out of the blue. It seemed as if the kiln's Karma was calling me. Someone in some conversation talked about the widow's walks in New Bedford. OH my, I am suddenly transported and floored by a dream of a few years ago where I was haunted by dead potters.

This kiln will be different, some of Toshiko Takaezu's last work will be fired in it. Ten yers ago, when I found my way into the world of MUD I met Toshiko in Saratoga, NY. I helped load one of the pieces she created at Skidmore that summer into the kiln. Interesting, when my work comes out of this kiln it is destined to that corner of the world.

Not sure what tonight's slumber will hold...? I can't believe I cannot find the DAMN camera! (I will look in my skate bag, which is in the car, maybe its there)

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