Monday, November 1, 2010

blogger of the month

Kelly named me "blogger of the month", wow. I am honored. Thank you. Its funny, being designated has left me with this compelling need to write and a bit of writers block.I am perplexed. Last night I ventured down to Flushing to skate. Chris whined a bit about it, but came around eventually. It was actually an enjoyable evening. I got to rehash my trip to Korea which consisted of a thousand questions about favorite foods, kimchi, chilies, how hot it must have been, and how I communicated. I even got to hear Annyounghasehyo for the first time since I have been back. The evening ended with Kenny meeting us with an order of Joe's Shanghai , I only wish it was soup dumplings, but Kenny didn't think they would travel so well, or be easy to eat in the car. (by the way Kelly, you should watch the video as an instruction manual for part of our adventure) The kung poa chicken and general tso's chicken were outrageous enough though. It was also good to see Anthony, who, seeing that he is local to the Flushing rink, should speedskate!

So my day today? Two biopsies on my skin that took forever and a trip to the Asian marketplace that included a great conversation with the cashier about my choices of greens and chilies, and again my trip to Korea. Its 3PM and I feel like I have not accomplished much so I am off to the studio now, hoping to finish up the last of the work for the kiln. I still cannot figure out exactly how I want to glaze my work. I am so tempted to leave it raw, but know I will hate myself for doing so. (excuse me while I stress a moment)
More in a bit.

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