Friday, August 1, 2008

PT (Cruising? )

Today was my first official PT session. I have to say it was typical in the sense that it was difficult, it was exhausting and it both had me wondering if I can manage this, and at the same time it gave me a great deal of hope. Especially when Bill seems to think it will be doable, if I do things correctly. Determination has to be kept in check or it has the potential of railroading me. After PT I stretched out in the lake. The ankle is doing well, its the achilles and the High Ankle injury that continues to be the issue. I am sore all the way up to my knee.

What I have to say about all of this is what I have learned about the dedication Chris has. He has been riding his intervals, doing some recovery paced longer rides, and making sure he stays on top of nutrition and sleep. As I listened to him speak to a reporter yesterday, I was almost choked up over how eloquent he was. It was then that I realized that he was as committed as he has saying in his writing. I am so proud of him. Chris, if you read this, this is for you.

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