Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Route 25 at 25MPH

Before we begin there must be a breakfast of champions... according to Chris

Today Chris headed out from Lakeport with my friend Chris. The day’s ride wasn’t very long at all, 20 miles total, a prologue of sorts. It was a heavily traveled flat route that they blasted with a 25 MPH average despite the lights. Justin and I played leap frog with him, driving ahead to capture the video footage. What we found is that they were cruising so fast that on one occasion by the time I found a place to park, they had already passed us. They stopped at the BRIDGE TO CANADA sign for a photo-op before turning around and retracing their route to Lakeport.

Two days ago four of us set out from Lakeport and headed north to Lexington for a round trip ride that would cover the route north of the state park. It felt good to pedal after 12 hours in the car the day before. The only notable event was the slight mechanical problem. Chris’s foot got stuck in the pedal. He lost one of the screws to his cleats. I am glad this happened where it was a manageable problem, but it taught him to really check his equipment prior to riding. The little things do count.

Tomorrow will be a long day 80 miles after we break camp and get across the bridge (pray the delays are minimal)

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