Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Short ride today...

If there was ever an opportunity for me to get back on the bike, today would have been it, but...I decided that I would wait until Saturday. I may venture out with Justin tomorrow around Saratoga Lake, or the Battlefield?
Today's ride was a series of long steep rollers in the foothills of the DACKS, Johnstown to Saratoga. Justin and I crewed the short ride so that Chris would not have to worry about navigating it, though he would tell you that we fell asleep on that job. We let him make two wrong turns and could not catch him until he was at the top of a hill. Other than that we had one construction related detour, and one set of tracks to negotiate (which were a non-issue). We finished it off with NaNa treating us to dinner at the Goodtimes Restaurant in Ballston Lake.
Check Chris's blog for his take...
Tomorrow and the next day off... then the Berkshires

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