Monday, August 4, 2008

adjusting the cleats

I managed 30-35 minutes today on the bike. I felt a little bit better than yesterday, although the cleat adjustment was strange. It accomplished what I had hoped, taking pressure off the achilles, but created pressure on the tibia enough to bother the point of impact. Getting off the bike is still a question, though an neighbor's urgency to speak with me today actually created that sudden stop situation, and I was able to react quickly enough to protect my foot. Tomorrow I will go on a quest to find a better support than a compression sleeve while riding.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa!!! I can't believe what I'm reading! Ankles suck at recoup, but the absolute hardest part is time. You are wise to take the time to let it heal! Stay smart as I know you will be.

Knee is progressing nicely...same impressionistic art on my leg...shades of blue, purple and yellow! Knee cap is still blue...less swollen and still scabbed. Nice, right? I've done nothing but ride my bike for the past two weeks. It's been slow, but getting there.

Let me know what you decide for your ride...

Talk soon-