Sunday, August 24, 2008

Home sweet Home!!!

What a difference a day makes, yesterday we pulled Chris from the route, concerned that he was dehydrated and fading fast, hadn't had a pee stop in quite a long while, hadn't really finished his water bottles, stopped eating because he started to feel nauseous, coke didn't revive him, or interest him, and his eyes started to loose their shine. So after 42 miles we pulled the plug. He was still feeling ill 3 hours later. We made him take a 20 minute dip in the pool after an hour 15 air conditioned car ride and finally after a nap, and some fluid... the effects of the heat and the day started to fade. A bad sandwich day for sure.

Today he was on fire, he wanted to get home so, so badly! He hammered out the 70 miles with no issues at all. He was met along the route by Kai, Alani and Melanie in Patterson, where they were sitting on the roof, blasting the dead and holding a really big sign that said go Chris, which by the way is already hanging in his room, and by Dan and Mary at the bottom of our hill. Dan had a very large C painted on his chest. Chris decided at some point that the end of the ride would be a jump in the lake, so we met him there. He loaded his bike onto the car and then went for a swim and then walked home.
After two weeks on the road I am exhausted. I am hoping that he feels a sense of satisfaction. Pictures tomorrow (right now sleep).

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