Thursday, August 14, 2008

Route change in favor off a night in a bed

Hey guys, the second day of riding is done. It was a nice day for riding, not very hot, but we got a bit of a late start. By the time we packed up the camping gear (3 hours), ate (1 hour), replaced the front tire on my bike (20 minutes), went through customs (1 hour) and found an ATM to get some cash (20 minutes) it was noon before we hit the road. We were escorted by the whole family today as the route turned out to be very remote, almost no services. We saw some cool things, but unfortunately pics will have to wait until we hit the US (can't send pics on the cell while roaming). The route was similar to riding in Texas until we hit London where we started to get into some rollers. There were cattle farms, horse farms, cattle farms...air-strips, cattle farms. We saw a fox, a blue heron, a bunch of hawks, and a dog who wanted a piece of us in the worst way (TG for the electric fence).
Got to get going, eat, re-plan tomorrow's route, and get to bed. Justin will join Chris for part of the way tomorrow as my ankle started to bother me near the end of today's ride.

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Anonymous said...

You go boy! Tear those miles up. Take each day as its own ride, and look to the next when it comes. Heat those tires up and blast through them hills. Eat'em for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!! Speedbumps, they're only SPEEDBUMPS!!!