Sunday, August 3, 2008

How does one get off the bike?

PT is hard work, but how do you get off a bike? I went out for a short ride today since getting the new bike to fit on the trainer was more work than riding around the lake for a half hour. Despite the fact that I had more of a chance of a dog running out in front of me in my neighborhood than if I was out on the open road, I decided to take the chance and rode. I was sore, especially when I had to pedal up hill. What I got to see though was that the pain I was feeling at PT on the bike was more of a poor fit variety, where as the pain today was the true pain from the injury. As far as dealing with the pain, I am going to try to move my cleat back a bit to see if that will take pressure off the achilles and allow me to pedal uphill with less force on the ball of the foot, which translates into pain between the tibia and fibula. I spent 30 minutes out there feeling like someone had sliced my leg off half way down my shin, and tried to be realistic about next week when I have to spend 7 hours on the bike for 4 days in a row. I am beginning to wonder if I can pull it off. HONESTLY, my main problem today was figuring out how to get off the bike. I had to ride until I got picked up so that I could have help with dismounting.

Chris on the other hand continues to amaze me. Off riding on his own, without being told to do so, knowing his training schedule like its part of him, and accepting the work as if its as basic as brushing his teeth. I wonder sometimes as I see this in him if his dreams of Olympic glory are a real possibility some day. If he is this dedicated at 13, and understands work... one can only hope...who knows, maybe in 10 years we may see even see him in yellow as he claims!

Until tomorrow!

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