Thursday, June 17, 2010

Size 6, size 6, SiZe 6, Damn-it...size 6

I feel like every woman on this planet is a size 6 or smaller except for me!!! I went clothes shopping of sorts today. I say sorts, because I was really trying to be responsible an upcycle some wardrobe pieces so that the world would have less band new material goods purchased. Only the one thing I found out is that being a size 14 is very discouraging because EVERY DAMN PIECE is a size 6 with the odd 0 or 4 thrown in. I daydream, reminisce even, back 6 years ago when I was loosing so much weight, people thought I was sick. Size ? You guessed it, 6. Thirty pounds heavier now (of course it has to be a multiple of that frightful number) I am wondering exactly how I got to this place, oh the longing, the exhaustion that went with it (I think I exercised more than I did anything else, and I mean ANYTHING).

So now what? I am not sure. I just had to gripe about size for a minute. I have been loosing a bit, though I am afraid to step on the scale. I will as soon as my waistline needs downsizing. In the meantime I will just keep plugging along!

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