Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grande Adventure (or should it be Illusion?)

I've been so busy lately, finishing up school for the year, firing a kiln, attending a wedding, unloading a kiln, on a quest for purple, the BEACH in NH, catching up with a few of my oldest friends, and trying to understand...

I have been avoiding my bike, concentrating on my studio work, and learning a great deal about both my work and life from two incredible new friends, Steve and John, both potters and teachers. Ironically they have been encouraging me to get out and ride more. Steve you will have your wish tomorrow. I plan on giving it a go in the AM. John, the conversations about work way are more than needed, they are essential to my development as an artist! Both of you have been wonderful the past few days. Thanks for listening (to everything!).

Suzanne, answering my question brought a huge smile to my face. What you have to understand is that when I asked you that I was wondering if you would answer with the premise that the question it was too broad a scope on its own. I needed to see your answer tonight, as my life has been in a bit of a bucket lately. Unfortunately I am not at liberty to say why, but your thoughts really made me turn inward. I was brought up Catholic, my mom is a Presbyterian minister, my husband Jewish and my oldest two lean towards the East. We are an ecumenical family. When I think of my journey with my own faith, this is all a great big part of who I am. I have taken the term Catholic to heart, and while I don't practice Catholicism currently (too many differences), my faith has never been stronger and my life never more Catholic (open and welcoming of all).

While I think about compassion and how to balance my life. I am considering making a huge lifestyle change. I have been struggling with my current state of who I am for years. I have also been a vegetarian on and off for much of the past 30 years. At times this was a fantastic means to being healthy, and at times I have been discouraged by the lifestyle. I have been weighing these years heavily, and have come to a crossroads with my current self. I am seriously considering a vegan lifestyle. I am thinking this time will be different. I will approach is with a great deal less stress than I have in the past. I will do this one day at a time, no pressure. I will also take a few months to ease myself into it by reducing the amount of animal products I consume.

I guess all I have left to say to everyone right now is THANKS for being who you are!

* sorry about the pics, I can't seem to fix the orientation.

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