Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quotable Wednesday - Farther and Farther

The Way is like a mountain; the farther you climb, the higher it is. The Way is like the earth; the farther you go, the farther it extends. Shallow students use up their strength and stop. Only those who have will for enlightenment can reach its heights and depths.
~Record of Things Heard

It was the last chaotic day of classes and quite frankly, I cannot figure out how to deal with all the last minute emergencies I have every year. Why do students procrastinate like there is no tomorrow? They look at me as if I am supposed to drop everything and grant them amnesty or something.
I managed to pay a visit to the antiques shop this afternoon on my way home. I was looking for a new tool for my studio. While these were not what I was looking for, I was intrigued, even though I have no clue what they are. They sort of look like knitting needles (heavy). They sort of look like hair sticks (heavy). I would love you to comment if you know.

I also managed to find this really cool LEATHER Delfino messenger bag in REALLY good shape. So I bought it! I am so excited about it. I cannot wait until tomorrow when I sport it to school.

Off to prepare dinner; Swordfish with Chili Mango Lime Chutney.

Swordfish - broiled with lime, smoked paprika, garlic and thyme
A quick chutney made of mangos, poblano peppers, lime juice, shallots, garlic, pepper, salt...

Definitely a bottle of wine!

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K Pugliano said...

LOVE that bag!!! What a find! And not sure what those things are...but they are cool looking.

You are making my mouth water with your dinner plans.....mmmmmmm!