Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life is a beach

How many of you have ever really told your friends how wonderful they are? Its funny how we take things for granted sometimes. This week however, I am feeling like I have the best friends on the planet. I wish that what I have to say about this could accurately describe my emotions on how wonderful they are. I found myself kind of blue this morning so I took Steve's suggestion, I got on my bike and I rode. Before I left I let the coach (Jon) know I was finally breaking that ice and bolting. In the course of disclosing my plans (Pummel myself until I am thoroughly spent) and just why I would be resorting to this, he was really sensible and told me to go out for a long slow distance, find some views, and bring a camera. At first I thought I would ride to the beach and have someone come meet me (couldn't find any beach takers today). I know that a 70 mile ride would be really pushing it at this point, plus I had a dentist appointment at 4PM to worry about. Then I thought I would ride to the mountains, now we are talking 80 miles RT and a fair amount of climbing each way. (This would be everything I had an then some).

I rode for 2 hours, until my body outweighed my heart. I stopped at the farmers market on my way home. It was in my original plan so I did have a backpack with me. I forgot how heavy veggies can be. I think I was packing an extra 15 on my cruise home. I meandered on my way home. I needed to find my soul. I stopped at anything that looked interesting to photograph. I was told to bring my camera, it wasn't going to be along in vain. I used it, mostly on PURPLE.

So after my ride? I was given the link to the above song thanks to Jon. I enjoyed Miso soup and coffee with Roseanne, had an avocado and sprout sandwich on whole rye, I went to the beach (the lake), then an hour in the dentist chair. I am spent now, waiting to pick up my son and hubby. Tomorrow? I am having a picnic at the beach with Lovey. Friday I am planning on rising REALLY early and taking a spin out to Lake Awosting by bike via Castle Point, I would love company. Let me know if you are interested.

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