Saturday, June 19, 2010


On my agenda today, besides my laundry adventures, which resulted in me CHANGING my plans from dry to liquid with ease, was a generous amount of studio time (10 hrs), the green market, and the orchard.

My trip to the market resulted in a wonderful introduction to a local farm and its managers. After speaking with the two women (Erin and Anne) about everything under the self sustaining sun including Anna's endeavors on the farm in VA, I returned home inspired to really look into the building a cob oven thoughts I had a month ago. (With tomorrow being father's day, I really wish I had invested the time in to constructing one for Kenny.)

My trip to Salingers, on the other hand, left me soured. I had a grocery bag that I wanted to dump my basket of apples into but they wouldn't oblige and I had to leave with the heavy plastic bag as well as my apples. Persistence will eventually change this, although after today, I am not sure I want to return. In the meantime, Anna had a request to publish some of her writing on sustainable living in the local paper. She was ecstatic. I can't wait to read it.

I returned home, eager to return to the studio. All the time I spent away gave my sherry ware and my bowls a chance to set up for trimming. I spent the next few hours throwing some agate ware and trimming. Tomorrow? Carving and glazing. Monday I will load a bisque and sinter the glaze on those wares that are raw at the same time.

Its going to be a really busy week. Too much on my plate between school and the kiln. I know I will preserver. I always do.

It has been a mighty relaxing day believe it or not. Work is fun when you are passionate about it. The low stress is relaxing.

In the meantime, Kenny was slow cooking pork-butts all day for BBQ. Besides having the wood-smoke be an inspiration to my work, dinner was fantastic! My mom also made a surprise appearance. We sat down to pulled pork, fried beets*, salad and broccoli. Mikey's friend Steve joined us. He was such great fun to talk to. I really enjoyed having him share a meal with us. Mikey btw was outside putting a new clutch in his car. His dinner was delivered by Kenny.

grading, glazing, carving, cleaning, and closet shopping... and hopefully a visit with PETE (even though I saw him the other day).

Song of the day?

Until then!

*Fried BEETS
Shred 1 bunch of raw peeled beets in the food processor
mix in 1 garlic scape and 1 scallion chopped
saute in a pan with 1 tsp of butter and 1 tsp of olive oil
serve hot

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