Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lysek's in the morning

I always seem to be the first one up the morning, even here.  I am surprised at how good I feel despite my bottomless glass of red wine and fitfull/frightfull dreams last night. Its morning here in Lake Placid and absolutely delightful! This morning I am again at the marathon, standing on the ice, hoping that the whole lot skates fast enough for me not to be the latest LP Ice Sculpture.
More later!


K Pugliano said...

I love LP in the morning! Any time of day really, but there is something about morning and the ice that is so calming! Glad to hear you survived the wine headache!

Cathy said...

Thank you so much Lisa for your presence at the lap counter/finish line! I was thinking about how cold you and John were on that ice for so long but since the 2 guys behind me kept going I knew you had to stay out there anyway so I did finish! Thanks for all your encouragement and I really hope you find the strength and motivation to get back on the slow as I am, skating and my great RSST friends and those from other teams, along with my family have kept me going during the immense trials of 2010.