Sunday, December 19, 2010

Setting an example for those who are younger

I woke up this morning not minding the fact that I VOLUNTEERED to stand on the ice for 2 plus hours in below zero temps to make sure a race was skated fairly. I am NOT technically an official, but as a USS level 3 coach I knew that the task I was being asked to do by the MARATHON ORGANIZERS,  BECAUSE THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE, would be done to the best of my abilities. It was merely my intent to follow the mass start protocol as best I could. I did not take being asked to officiate a race lightly. Just as I want my skaters to be treated fairly it is my intent to act objectively and without bias.

Today was by far the worst I have ever seen in terms of unsportsman-like conduct AND without a doubt my LAST time volunteering to do anything other than coach. The lead athletes who decided that the possibility of skating an extra lap was far too much to bare and decided instead that hurling obscenities at me while I tried to remedy the timing and PA situation was acceptable should be ashamed of yourselves. The athletes who took it upon themselves to tell me where to go in some For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge terms and decided to interfere with me discussing rude behavior with pertinent individuals should remember its JUST A RACE, a FRIENDLY COMPETITION, and with nothing of real life sustaining IMPORTANCE in the outcome except knowing the fact that you accomplished an amazing distance in a short amount of time.

Not to mention your behavior was noticed by others who were not participating in the event, some of which were asked to sign a USS Code of Conduct and Athlete Agreements in order to participate in their perspective seasons. Those contracts they signed were set by some of you, or at the very least adults that you assigned the proxy to do so.
With that said, I do hope that the next time you set foot on the ice you understand that the people on the production end are VOLUNTEERING THEIR TIME because they are PASSIONATE about ADVANCING and PROMOTING the SPORT and you can see it in your competitive mindset to PLAY NICE!


K Pugliano said...


Well said!!!

Ryan Shimabukuro said...

Sorry to hear of your bad experience this weekend Lisa. It always amazes me when people treat volunteers so badly and inappropriately. Not realizing that volunteers have been the corner stone of US competition, well.....forever!

As hard as it may sound, try to focus on the group of skaters who did appreciate your time & not on the small, rude group that caused this situation.

Time to enjoy the holidays! Aloha!

Anonymous said...

Well said Lisa, and Ryan.

Have a Happy Holiday.