Monday, December 27, 2010

Analyze this?

Last night I had one of those weird potter dreams again. This time I was haunted by two people I really look up to. We spent hours critiquing my work, which was not all that harsh, most of it dealt with my choice of surfaces. I wonder if this was due to the fact that I was somewhat dismayed at the fact that my whistle forms are being neglected in my current exhibition, matter of fact they are not beimg shown at all, which was not my choice. The worst was that I could not seem to find my voice to speak up about it either. I know its my work, but? I am guessing this was just a dream of torment? I must be trying to tell myself to speak up and self- advocate...I really need to say something before the reception. Why am I so chicken to do so?

I made it to Lake Placid yesterday without much consequence. I am so glad that I left as early as I did however. I see that Kelly got quite a bit of snow too. Funny, it hadn't even started there by 1 PM. Its really cold here despite not having the blast of snow that they had at home. My only regret it that I missed Mike, Vim, Jay and Julia sledding at the lake with a guest appearance by Steve. I hear they were having a blast. I cannot imagine what it must be like for Jay and Julia who have never really seen snow. Malaysia is in the 80's almost every day of the year.

OK, time to go and skate! More later!

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