Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monsters with a purpose

Those of you who have seen my ceramic beads know that for the last 3 years they have taken on this Pre-Columbian characteristic. The are simply these grotesque heads that I have never been able to explain. Some of you may know that I have often put little inspirational messages in those beads and given them to teenagers that have had issues dealing with the angst of a reaching for a goal while missing out on the social aspect of being a teenager. Some of the recipients were not teens but received the beads anyway as it was just a package for those much needed words of encouragement. Today, I decided to embark on an even greater journey of hope, I have decided to donate some of my monsters to Beads of Courage.
In anycase, this morning I had planned on being lazy, watching TV while still lying in bed, extending my morning, hoping that my cat will continue to keep me pinned under the covers. I turned on CBS Sunday Morning because I find this magazine show enlightening. I have always felt that it manages to hook the non-artist into enjoying and understanding art. I usually watch it as a tool for my classroom, but I am usually multi-tasking while watching, today I was a completely captive audience. It was refreshing.
When I finally decided to get my behind out of bed I decided to look into Beads of Courage a bit more. I really liked what I saw, my only criticism is that the financial report is not on the web-site. As I learn more, you will too- stay tuned.

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