Thursday, December 30, 2010

There is this thing about water, especially when its frozen!

I have been here in Lake Placid for our annual holiday week trip knowing that this will most likely be the last time I am sharing this week with my son Chris. Its been an interesting week. He is skating so well and working so hard.  I almost wish he was racing in SLC this week instead. There is always next year.

There is something so magical about frozen water. There was a post the other day on J.C.'s blog that had me wishing I was in Seoul, curious about speedskating in Korea, and feeling like I can relate as the afternoon speedskating session is split with public skating this week, despite being told otherwise from ORDA.

JC posted this great picture which had me wondering if this was a promotion for the 2018 winter games?

It does look quite like what I would expect in an Olympic Village for spectators to indulge in? I wonder if this track design would solve our training/public session dilemma? In anycase this morning was a beautiful morning to skate, despite being so sore. There was this magical feeling akin to a kid going to the lake for that first swim of the summer or that late winter tanning at "The Beach". For those wondering why I linked to A-basin its because that is what they call their parking lot, which seems to be so close to the sun you could reach out and grab it. I love skiing there, especially during pond skimming. 

Off to find that magic again maybe I'll spot the perfect icicle on my way to the oval. (BTW, nice shot of Chris Christie!)

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JC said...

I've never been speed skating before, however, I can relate to their being something magical about being on ice. Hockey has been a huge passion for me and I started when I was three years old! I hope you are finding the hope that you need to help you reach your goals! Best of luck and enjoy your time on the ice!