Friday, December 3, 2010

Things I have learned about smart phones

While a smart phone is like having a hand held computer constantly at your fingertips, it is not wise to assume that using even the smartest of applications, such as office or excel, to take notes while in a meeting is ok. People generally think you are being rude and texting the world about how bored and unamused you are. True story.

I decided that as I discover the prospect of over indulged connectivity I would try to think about how all of this technology could help me. I found that my fingers are far from nimble enough to type an entry to my blog on that small keyboard, despite being an artist that thrives on small details. Forget about the touch screen, its even worse, there I suffer from chubby finger tips. I sent something off the other day to an organization I belong to hoping to calmly make a statement of quiet criticism, only to find out later that my fingers made me look like a bumbling idiot regardless of how true that might actually be.

I have had to call my phone company twice to understand that my phone is now HIGH MAINTENANCE. No more plug and play, now I have to worry about downloads and apps computing enough to kill the battery in 30 seconds. Don't get me wrong, I love my new phone, and I consider myself quite tech savvy, just the learning curve here makes me feel like I need to take a class on smart phone usage. I want to get the most from it so I feel like I am running it, not the other way around.

For now? The jury is still out!

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