Saturday, December 18, 2010

Courage in the High Peaks!

December 18, 2010
Lysek's Hillcrest Inn
Lake Placid, NY

I feel like I am home even though I do not own a place here, believe me, I wish I did.  Chris an I are up here for the first of many weekend endeavors skating long track. So far its been a good trip. I could do without the 4.5 hour eommute on a Friday afternoon after teaching all day though. Chris skated 25K this morning while I helped with the race. I had planned on skating, and I know excuses cannot fly, but I bagged the thoughts for a few reasons: 1. I have almost no fitness left right now 2. I decided I did not want to be in that much pain. So, the plan is to skate in February in Lake Morey. I like natural ice.  Its what I grew up on.

Today was a wonderful day. The 7 or so Jr Hopefuls that call the Lake Placid Oval their home ice skated with tons of wishes of COURAGE today. Each one choosing one of my handmade beads before the race, taking a picture on the ice with the bead in hand after the race, and writing an inspirational note to be included with the bead when it is mailed to Beads of Courage next week. I will have pictures soon. What they wrote inspired me so much. I was so glad that I chose to do this.

After the race I headed to Mr. Mikes to meet Peter and Fred for lunch before heading back to Lysek's read for a bit. I am amazed at how much reading I manage to get done here. Liz, you will have your book soon. It was soon time to get to afternoon ice but after spending 3 hours trying to fix Chris's new blades to his new boots, I finally decided that I might need to pay to have this done. These were bolt and insole issues that challenged even John Dimon. Finally, both of us working together got things done. I had exactly 1 hour left to skate, which half of was taken up by my own blade issues. I finally get things set and it 5:55 the session ends at 6.

There is always tomorrow and next week!

Tonight I had planned on meeting Fred and Mickey for a drink, actually really looked forward to it. I ended up getting sidelined by a mean lasagna dinner and lots of wine. (French Canadian's drink more wine then the French I think- how are they racing tomorrow?)  I am smiling now that is until I have a headache tomorrow! (Sunglasses most likely will be a necessity!)

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