Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So your DOG has more brains?

I was so proud of myself this morning. I got up took care of some long needed chores, go out of the house by 8:50 to make the farmers market by the 9AM opening. I wanted to get myself the best of what was available, after all there is that thought about the "early bird".
There was a pretty wide selection of vendors and produce. I settled on this one farm because of the one stop shopping aspect. The farmer had a wide variety of goods and they looked wonderful. In the past I had noticed that this man has an issue dealing with pressure. Today I thought I would ignore his shortness, maybe it was just a bad day. The "SOUP NATZI" comes to mind, or maybe "JUICY MANGOS". I watched out of the corner of my eye as this man belittled a woman who did not weigh her produce for him, she offered to do so and he ripped it out of her hands and did it himself. I learned quickly and made the mental note to weigh my stuff before I offer to pay so he can do the math quickly and not yell. I got a snippet of attitude when I mistakenly told him I had only 1 dozen scapes. Actually, I had the price right but the quantity wrong (I had told him there was 2.00 worth, and wanted to know how many I replied 12 but they were a dollar/dozen). I let it roll. I paid what I owed but I was still trying to decide on some herbs so I lingered at his stand. He came over to me and starts making derogatory remarks about this Latino couple who were at the stand. He was all over the food stamp issue. He would take them but can't understand why our gov't would give them to them in the first place. He was all over the language barrier, and all over the fact that they were making him deal with them.He was so abusive to them and they took it. It was so sad. He went too far when he said his DOG had more brains. I thanked him for ruining my farm stand experience and that I would never shop his stall again. Of course, HE DID NOT GET IT. As I turned to walk away I heard him tell a woman to make sure he bought her eggs from the honey stand next to him because the other one was run by a woman who was supposedly INDIAN, but he really thought she was just another MEXICAN. I went and bought Eggs and Cherries from Tello's (against his advice) and had the most uplifting conversation.

What can I say? I would have so many questions for this man and I am tempted to ask him to share a meal with me. I would make sure that I also invited the people he abused, who have less than his dog (less food/less comforts). I would sit at the table of food that was prepared in concert with my invited guests. I wonder how long he would last, and if in that gracious company he would understand that he could do so much to solve some of the world's problems? I wonder if anything would change?

I am tempted to go back up there this afternoon with 20.00 in my pocket and wait until one of the many immigrant couples comes down to buy vegetables with food stamps. Then pay for them with my money, telling the couple to use there food stamps for eggs and cherries.

Mister, your dog has more brains than who?

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