Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sexy thing...

Hmmm,thinking about the last 24 hours, the anticipation, the nerves, the butterflies in the stomach and the elation afterwards...the energy ya didn't I? What I am talking about here is the time trial. My first experience with this animal was last night and in all honestly until I finished it and reflected upon it I did not beleive that "I should watch out because they were addicting". It felt so good to complete this ride inwhich the only number I really paid attention to was my heart rate. My only real mistake was that I did not fuel up the tank before hand. I was so intrigued by my afternoon with Pete and so nervous that I couldn't even dream of eating. This made me a bit nervous, but it didn't seem to bother me too much on the road. I arrived at the finish of the loop completely spent and completely alive.

Today, I was out for a short spin with the girls. We spent an hour on rolling to flat terrain, dodging this Shenedahoah bus, taking pictures and trying to decide on an acceptable pace. Let me tell you Kelly can get a good cadence going in her middle chain ring that could potentially pulverize the competition. Alison has this keen way of creating mirages that looked like hills. It was an awesome spin.

Now skating was a completly different ball of wax all together. My legs are so fried that the 25 laps or so that I managed did little to lend there name to the sport. I was so sore. I could barely stand up on my skates.

Hitting the road tomorrow rain or shine. What is a little water afterall?

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