Thursday, July 30, 2009


If you were anybody in the Toga area then you were up at Tinney's for all you can eat ribs. Tinney's is this place on Lake Desolation that has decent food, beer, and seating arrangements (a deck overlooking the lake). Which is where Amy and I and her two kids ended up sharing a meal with this couple who recently relocated from Florida after our swim. Lake Destonation? Well, that was Amy's daughters name for it at some point during their day and a story she shared with me on the way there. Little did she know that she would coin a phrase that was so fitting.
Now, about a little thing called an open water swim. I got there feeling kind of nausiated. I think I was just spent, and the chocolate milk I drank to try to recover a bit did not seem to be doing anything to help matters. I actually thought about not going in. I did though, and swam like there was no tomorrow. I found myself in the mix of the front pack all the way out, and all the way back, and the closer I got to the finish the faster I swam, as if I wanted to be the first out of the water, I was possessed. I am not sure what tipped that competitive streak in me tonight, was it the lack of nerves, a look from a fellow swimmer, the need to be finished working out, who knows?
It felt good to swim tonight, despite this nagging cramp that kept curling my foot. I have always suffered from leg cramps while swimming, especially if I worked out earlier in the day. These were just plain annoying. I really enjoyed my swim, not for any other reason that being able to feel the power in each stroke and seeing the results glide by with an intensity that made my thoughts desolve into a meditative state. I enjoyed the rythym. It was part of me. I was at home.

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