Sunday, July 19, 2009

i seem to have fallen in love on my sweet strike, which was not my intention

So about three weeks ago I get this invite to join a sweet strike, so far I have had very few setbacks and have picked up a new habit, my bike. I used to love riding, then I went through a burnt out state and a few accidents that have caused me to really grieve my ride as if it was a dead to me. What was disconcerting to many around me was that much of my motivation seemed to be buried with that carbon machine and I gained weight both physically and mentally.

I have spent the past few weeks giving myself permission to try something new. I have been riding as a means to collect pictures that capture my adventures. What I have found is that even on the mundane rides I am trying to find some ridiculously random image that frames my thought pattern for that endeavor. I spent two days photographing phallic like road markings (and discussing them). I even stopped to photograph a sign I saw yesterday even though I was on the verge of bonking and running late for a dryland workout. (I did eventually bonk in the park).

Today, well, I rode to the rink, stood on the ice for 4 hours, then made plans to ride tomorrow knowing that I needed to keep up this crazy pace for a few days for my mental health even though Jon would tell me that I need a day's rest. Sorry Jon, I can't right now but Wednesday is my planned day off unless everyone bails on dryland Tuesday.

So for now, cruising along to this years "song that is stuck in my head" Going Down to Cuba (Jackson Browne) and thinking that a cross country effort for Right to Play (thinking Seattle to NY) next June in worth dreaming about!

* A note about the lake image, that is SARATOGA LAKE and after my open water swim with AMY on Thursday in Lake Desolation I found myself daydreaming about circumnavigating that lake with an open water swim as I rode around it.

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Amy said...

yay, you don't need the processed sugar anyway. Great swim, looking forward to the next one!