Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Slice of HUMBLE Pie was in store for my TODAY

So I get up this morning after the second night of over-training, nerve endings adjusting, midnight waking in a row, knowing that there is only one more day of this and I can rest. I set about my business and drive the hour and fifteen up to Newington to skate with Chris and Dave. This was actually a good thing for Chris as he got Dave to himself. They worked hard for 2 hours or so, while I tried desperately to keep up with the drills they were doing, but frankly this slow fat speedskater is too weak to handle some of what they were doing. My legs were also toast from yesterday's encounter with hills. I wanted to curl up and sleep afterwards.

I arrive home knowing that I still have a 2 hour effort on the bike in front of me. I am so friggen tired, ornery even! I spend an hour trying desperately to psych myself out of this last ditch effort, after all tomorrow was a rest day, and I haven't slept in two nights! I think my husband is my guardian angel or something, because every time I am arguing with myself to quit something, he comes along and decides to take it up and invite me along. Its like the Sunday football widow who makes a gigantic spread for the super-bowl and actually learns the game and the point spread before hand. So he has this bright idea, why dont we pedal to Scotts place (Captain Lawrence Brewing) and have one of our kids pick us up, or take the train home. This way I could get my 1.5- 2 hour ride in and he could get a couple of growlers of beer. This sounded like such a splendid plan that we were off and riding within 10 minutes.

Ok so we start our journey towards Pleasantville. We are riding up a bunch of hills and he is always in front of me. Mind you he is built like he is in perpetual shape, tall, thin and muscular. He has not been on a bike in two years and every hill we hit he drops me like a stone. I get used to this, rationalize it even. Its both my excess weight and the hard work I have done for the past two weeks (he was on flat pedals BTW). So we get to the steepest hill of the day, over a mile long and I see him stop and rest up ahead. He says he wanted to look at the deer that was in the bush, which there was one. I blow by him and think to myself, YES! finally I've got him. I pedal along happy as a pig in shit. In a few minutes time I hear something on my wheel. I think WTF, could he have regained all that energy? Is he now going to have me pull him up the rest of the way? So I press a bit harder, turn around to see where he is? He is walking, not riding, right next to me.

After that all I can say is that the BEER at the end was great!

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SlowFatSpeedskater said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA......oh man, what a blow to your ego....please tell me he wasn't grinning....I can't stop giggling....I hope you were able to laugh about this later!