Saturday, September 6, 2008

My head still hurts...

Our Oval passes came today! Soon we will be headed to Lake Placid every Friday when we aren't off to Milwaukee, Minneapolis, or Calgary. I sit here fretting over the fact that I have to rewrite my season skating plan by tomorrow's ice to accommodate some new training factors added into the mix, like a few extra sheets of ice and some new season goals. I started to look at the book I put together last May, and despite that file being on the computer and easy to modify, thinking about it is giving me a headache.

On another note, my activity level has been picking up a bit this past week. I am still however, having issues with focusing, especially under bright florescent lights and I have not ventured onto the bike since the 25 miles I rode with Chris on the last day of his trip. My head today is not as foggy as it was that day. Do you know that it actually felt like I was riding with a fever, I was so queazy and it was so hard, but it was on the bike path. I decided to get off the bike in Wassaic and let Chris have the glory of riding the last 45 miles home solo. He deserved that anyway. I reflect on the past month and marvel at the fact that I have dealt with a high ankle sprain (still not resolved) , road rash (still not resolved) and a concussion (my head still hurts). I have spent some time feeling broken (in spirit) but somehow have found the guts to keep trying to find new ways to keep myself busy. I have been faced with one of my own coaching mantras "BELIEVE ALL MOUNTAINS ARE BEAUTIFUL". Didn't mean to get off on this tangent...I will be returning to my skates tomorrow to coach. Hopefully I will pick up the commuting by bike after a visit to the Neurologist on Tuesday. My goal is 2-3 days a week, which will give me that 150 mile base each week that I would like to keep going as far into the skating season as possible. MArathon season will be here soon enough and I plan on being ready.

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