Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Bobber Splashing In Front of You Means That You are About To Be Caught

I had a double workout day today an 85 rpm spin for 1 hour, which was a much different ride than yesterday and quite uneventful. I did however see a guy doing hill repeats on something that could barely be classified as a genuine hill, its long, but its more like a glorified false flat. I was reminded that my workout tomorrow calls for a grueling hill repeat session, but the hill I have chosen will destroy me in the 45 min I will spend on it. I suddenly got this pit in my stomach thinking about it. I know I will survive, no, I know I will thrive on the pain.

My swim this afternoon was an interesting venture in being one with the fish. We live in a lake community which has a swimming area that is equivalent to a long course pool. While the lifeguard is on duty it is very difficult to rationalize swimming outside this roped off area, which is understandable. However, what I don't quite understand is why people are allowed to fish in this roped off area when there are people swimming? I am in this zone, have a good pace going, focusing on form, working on my kick, and I catch a glimpse of this splash in front of me as I turn my head for air. I try not to panic, thinking of the huge snapper that lives in the lake, and I look up to avoid whatever it was. As it turns out, its a bobber, and where there is a bobber there is usually a hook, which thankfully I managed to avoid. I see the two boys on the dock laughing. Were they casting my way on purpose? I finish my swim out of their range. After a mile or so I get out of the water and discuss the fishing habits with the lifeguard who tells me that the beach manager, his boss, has told him that this is permissible, even though he himself can see the safety issues involved. He has to allow it. HMMM, I wonder what would the county health department say if they had witnessed that? Would he still have his certification? Next time, I am going to risk being thrown off the beach and swim where nobody is fishing, outside the swimming area. I'll let you know how that one goes over.

For now, I am thinking about tomorrow's workout, which will more than likely be a wet one, yuk! Stronger, faster, lighter, better...3500 miles is a very long way to go, and it starts with the work that I put in now.

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SlowFatSpeedskater said...

yikes!! I would have been tempted to grab the bobber with my hand and keep swimming until I got to the rope, and wrap it around the rope, wave to the boys, then swim off. Glad you weren't hooked!