Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Training with Mark Twain?

I was supposed to take yesterday off, I was certainly showing the signs of fatigue that screamed rest, but my head wasn't into it. I needed to be out there, enjoying my bike, looking for adventure, feeling like a little kid! So I went out for a ride with Hans. It was a short recovery ride for me, 13 miles at a comfortable spin pace, that took us through tons of farmland and boasted views of the 'Dacks and the Green Mtns. along with the occasional vintage tractor, run down barn, farm dog... I loved it.

So why Mark Twain? We were pedaling along and I noticed a road off to the right called Tom Sawyer lane. I got to thinking about how much I loved that book when I was about 10, and how at ten I spent my summer on my first 10 speed, riding all over town, even racing because this really cute and cool boy in my neighborhood, who was about 15 at the time, raced. I discovered my America that summer, cows, soda-pop, ice cream cones, frogs, turtles, road kill, screaming wheels and freedom. I totally identified with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Adventure was mine, I just needed to seek it.

Today? I took the day off, after a long drive home in the rain, contemplating the training week ahead of me, a rest day was in order. Tomorrow, a swim, some dryland and off to find another story on my bike.

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SlowFatSpeedskater said...

What a great time, glad to see Hans out riding! I should be able to keep up with him soon, lol.