Thursday, October 28, 2010

They look fantastic!

I took a leap of faith a couple of weeks ago and glazed something in a manner that I have never used. I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to get the results I wanted to in the electric kiln, but to my surprize! Now, if I can only remember what it was that I did. My week has been that much of a whirlwind. You see, the first quarter at school ends on Wednesday, my grades are not due until next Monday, but we load the kiln all next weekend, SO, well, you get the picture. I am backed up to the cliff edge once again.

I am thinking about this firing, and while I usually document them quite well, to the annoyance of everyone involved, I think this time I will be stealthy with the camera and get only those dramatic shots that will enhance my exhibition at the Jonesville store next month. I will, however, blog about it after each shift. My aim this time is to be totally focused and a bit more retrospective. I figure I have been doing this for the past 8 years or so, I should really record my thoughts about the process rather than document with images.

In the meantime, I am overwhelmed with studio work. The space I am going to be filling next month is rather small and confined. I have somehow had this desire to be repetitive and have found myself stuck on objects rather than function for this show. We will see how that works out.

Kenny and I went grocery shopping tonight. I like doing this together. Though tonight seemed like it was more of a chore than a joy. I have so much to do tomorrow. A field trip, finishing a gallery proposal (that is if I even have enough photos to submit it) and taking care of a ton of errands. I did see this incredible "halloween house" which I decided to take a picture of (Kelly planted that bug). I wonder what it would have been like to be a kid trick or treating at that house?

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