Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The need to be reclusive. IS THAT SO BAD?

MT Anderson visited school today. He talked about innumerable things pertaining to technology's progress (and our stupor because of it) but the one thing that he said that had me riveted to my seat was actually his discussion of the creative process. He goes off alone for a few months at a time to a place where he can be physical all day long and alone with his thoughts at night. He doesn't talk much when he is in his creative endeavors because he needs to build the energy. The uncanny part about this is that those who know me know how painful it is for me to discuss current work as I feel like it robs me of some of that steam that is driving the thread. So I am not alone in thought and practice?
Its killing me that this weekend I will be missing Chris racing. This will be the case for MOST of the season I am afraid, as I have too much going on in my professional life. I know he is in good hands with Bob Fenn but that is my baby and Friday is his 16th birthday. I think I am just torn from my passion this season. I do understand that it is important from time to time to take a step back and do other things, knowing full well that grieving that void is to be expected. I just didn't think it would hurt this much.
With that said, as I spend my weekend on the wood pile at Gustin's, and out of the way of Justin's college buddies, my heart wishes all those involved with the LT American Cup the best. I know that those who make the World Team will represent us with pride. If you happen to bump into Christopher on Friday, you will know him from his florescent skins and Bob's "Bellow to Brooklyn" voice, please make his 16th birthday special. Don't forget to skate from the heart and melt the ice with your soul!
See you on the Long Track sooner than you think! :)

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